• Do the upgrades from Budget Macbook Upgrades void my apple care warranty?
    – SSD/HDD/RAM Upgrades will not void the Apple Care Warranty.
  • Does Budget Macbook Upgrades provide warranty after the upgrade?
    – Yes. We provide a 3-month warranty to all our hardware, matching all other service providers.

    Customer Service

    • How do I set an appointment for my upgrades?
      – You can make an appointment by messaging us on Facebook at facebook.com/bmu.sg, e-mailing us at budgetmacs@gmail.com, or simply leaving your information on our “Contact Us” form here.
    • Why do I need to set an appointment?
      – At Budget Macbook Upgrades, we love giving our customers exclusive attention. Setting an appointment allows us to provide one-on-one service, and more importantly, ensure that our customers will not have to waste any time queueing. Also, not hiring extra staff to wait on walk-ins enable us to pass on the savings to you!
    • How long does the upgrade take?
      – It takes about 15-30 minutes, and u can take it home immediately after so the laptop will not leave your sight.
    • Are you able to help me clone my data over to the new HDD/SSD?
      – Yes, we can certainly do this for you. However, as data transfer can take up to a few days, the Macbooks will need to be kept with us during that time.
    • What sort of payments do you accept?
      – As of now, we accept cash and I-banking.
    • Do you accept trade-ins?
      – Unfortunately, we are unable to take in trade-ins as all the parts we use for customers are brand new.

      Technological Issues

    • What sort of improvement should I expect to see with an SSD upgrade?
      – Your Macbook should run faster than it was brand new. This is our most popular product.
    • Will my data be wiped out after the HDD/SSD upgrade?
      – No, we can convert your old HDD into an external Hard Drive so that you can still access all your old data after the upgrade via USB and also use it as a backup drive rather than simply throwing it away.
    • How do I reinstall my OS after the HDD/SSD Upgrade?
      – You won’t have to. We will do it for you on the spot.