Solid State Drive (SSD)


Solid State Drive
120 GB– SGD $260
250 GB– SGD $360
500 GB– SGD $650
1      TB– SGD $940

Hard drives are usually the reason for Macbooks slowing down after a few years. Subsequently, it may either break down or become corrupted, causing you to lose all your data. To solve this, we recommend upgrading your storage space to a new technology called Solid State Drive (SSD).

SSDs have a longer lifespan, and run over 10 times faster than traditional HDDs!

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)


Prices (Hard Disk Drive)
1      TB– $200

For those on a tight budget, a cheaper option would be to simply upgrade to another HDD of bigger capacity.

All our SSDs and HDDs come pre-installed with the new OS Maverick, and come with free installation.